A Call for Help and Consideration for Health Workers in this Trying Times

On the spur of the moment, The health laborers’ associations on Tuesday looked for a discourse with President Rodrigo Duterte over troubles in their functioning conditions as they manage the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

The Alliance of Health Workers, in a letter to the president, said that while they like being perceived as legends in the pandemic, highlighting that they need rights currently is backing and insurance.”

The letter was endorsed by 24 association pioneers. They came from government-run clinical offices like the Philippine General Hospital, National Center for Mental Health, Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, and the Philippine Heart Center, to give some examples.

For over a year now, they have sacrificially offered their health and lives to defeat this pandemic. Accordingly, it is simply option to truly request that they hear upon their hopeless situation and look for a goal to their hopelessness.