Desires to Handle Full Record at Next Survey

The Phalang Party, another political outfit which has been connected to the principle resistance Pheu Thai Party, is intending to hold an overall get together to choose its chief board one month from now.

The gathering, whose name signifies power which has demanded it is free of Pheu Thai, in spite of the way that large numbers of its individuals host been connected to the get-together.

At its month to month meeting, the most recent of which occurred on April 6, the gathering’s individuals were educated the gathering had been allowed authorization by the Prime Minister’s Office to consolidate the shades of the public banner in its logo.

The gathering’s logo — the Thai letters in order pho phan styled to look like a raised clench hand and addresses the assembly of individuals from varying backgrounds. At the gathering, it was concurred the gathering will hold its first broad get together on May 9, which will choose a day and a half for fill in as the its heads, secretary-general, boss specialist, appointee pioneers and pioneers.

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