Judge refers to defense argument as a ‘red herring’ while Jeffrey Ong still denied bail

Despite arguing that his friend has let him have the passport that was said to be stolen although he did not request for it, Singapore lawyer Jeffrey Ong who was accused of swindling millions of dollar from his clients was denied bail. Jeffrey Ong will continue to remain in custody.

The 43-year old lawyer, who was the managing partner of law firm JLC Advisors is faced with a total of 76 charges which includes cheating, forgery and criminal breach of trust as an attorney which is linked to the S$75 million case.

Defense lawyer Tan Hee Jeok in an effort for Ong to be granted a bail, has been contending that the passport was handed over to him contrary to what Calvin Lim, Ong’s friend is saying. Tan continued to argue that Ong went to Malaysia in order to resolve his work projects and not fled Singapore to make a run for it.

When over $33 million held in escrow in the firm for a client, Allied Technologies, went missing. The client has filed a police report against Ong.

In a case of a sale of property, an escrow account is used to manage the fund flow while the project is still in the process of development.



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