After the launch of China’s New Law Over International Ships, the Philippines wants a non-tension outcome.

Malacañang expressed their desire for the hope that after enacted a law authorizing its coast guard to fire on foreign ships, no nation will do anything that could escalate the tensions in the South China Sea. In view of this, China is involved in a conflict in the South China Sea with the Philippines and four other claimants and in the East China Sea with Japan, Last week, a law was passed that requires its coast guard to “take all necessary measures” to deter foreigners from violating its sovereignty at sea. The legislation, accepted while the world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, requires the Chinese coast guard to dismantle infrastructure on Beijing-claimed islands and reefs constructed by other nations. It also helps the coast guard in waters disputed by China to enter and inspect foreign ships.

Presidential Speaker Harry Roque shared that while sovereign countries are free to enact legislation, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, of which China is a signatory, should comply with its obligations. Within general international law, except for two well-defined exceptions, the use of force is usually forbidden. Armed forces should be sent to the territory of China by way of self-defense, and the use of force should be appropriate and proportionate; and if approved by the United Nations Security Council.




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