Malaysia says specialist, in the risk of permanent MCOs.

During a Jom Channel online forum, Dr Musa said, “We do not consider the locations and do not do enough mass testing with rapid tests.” And if the government is incapable of getting FTTIIS correctly, it would have MCOs on an ongoing basis, the consultant doctor at the KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital said. FTTIIS is the acronym for Classify, Test, Trace, Isolate and Aid Framework for combating virus pandemics. Dr. Musa said that the polymerase chain reaction studies, which the Ministry of Health insists on, are too sluggish. While less precise, Rapid Test Kits can provide tests within an hour, in comparison to the PCR tests.

When a person knows the result, they can be separated instantly, whether they are in Stage 1 or 2. “In addition, the ministry will begin communication monitoring on the second day itself. PCR tests are expensive, require laboratories, and in three days only produce results. By this time, the person may have already started to infect others. This is a flawed strategy that is in difficulty in Malaysia, unless acknowledged,” said Dr. Musa. Dr Musa spoke at a forum along with economist Dr Muhammed Abdul Khalid about Covid-19 and the economic costs of MCO. He said that in order to make the cost of testing more affordable, the government of Malaysia must also limit the price of antigens.




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