Oral Yeast Based Immunzation Against COVID-19 Gains Attention

A Filipino minister and researcher is building up an oral, yeast-based immunization against COVID-19 and its numerous variations. Fr. Nicanor Austriaco has been dealing with the immunization since a year ago. An atomic scholar and visiting educator at the University of Santo Tomas, the Dominican minister shared his proposed yeast antibody conveyance framework during a virtual talk last December.

Addressing UST’s college wide paper, The Varsitarian, Fr. Austriaco said that once created, the oral immunization will be something like Yakult that anybody can drink regular.

With the utilization of the probiotic yeast, his group will hereditarily alter it to incite insusceptible framework reaction against the infection, he told News5 in December.

The cleric researcher, who holds a PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has said in a few meetings that he expects to build up the immunization in oral structure so it could reach as numerous individuals, even as distant as backwoods. He likewise considers it to be a way to decrease the danger of openness or contact. He even said that since yeast can be put away at room temperature, refrigeration isn’t required for his proposed antibody.



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