Participate an ISA hearing for Singaporean teen scheduling mosque attacks to get a lawyer: Shanmugam.

The Singaporean teenager detained for attempting to commit terrorist acts in two local mosques under the Internal Security Act will have a lawyer and attend a hearing to establish his status. Under the rubric of the Internal Security Act, he will have a hearing and he will have a lawyer, and his stance will be communicated. “His parents are fully involved,” Minister K Shanmugam of Law and Home Affairs told reporters. Mr. Shanmugam told me that a judge would “look at it.” “And I, too, will have to look at it as a minister,” he said.

A 16-year-old Protestant Christian of Indian origin, the self-radicalized teenager had intended to use a machete to attack Muslims at two mosques in the Woodlands district. The attacks were scheduled for March 15 this year, the second anniversary of the Christchurch, New Zealand, attacks in 2019. The minister said the age of the boy would be a consideration in determining how his phase of recovery could take place. He said, based on reports he received, “Given his age, I think there must be considerable hope that he can be rehabilitated.”


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