The PPBM alerts Johor MB that his government might collapse at any moment.

Tensions have reached an all-time high in Johor, with the PPBM warning Umno that their arrogance might lead to the state government collapsing at any moment.

Md Nasir Hashim, deputy chairman of the Johor PPBM, said that menteri besar Hasni Mohammad’s reign would come to an end if only two of his assemblymen withdrew their support.

Nasir said his party was frustrated by Hasni’s remarks at the Umno general assembly over the weekend, citing the former’s derogatory remarks about PPBM’s achievements and status in the state government.

“Hasni should have been more careful with his statements. As the menteri besar, he should instead focus on developing the state and improving the economy along with its allies in Perikatan Nasional (PN),” said Nasir.

If Hasni continues to be arrogant, Nasir believes it will strain ties between the parties, giving the public a negative impression of the government’s stability and integrity.



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