The SC Anticipates Disini’s Responsibility Over the BNPP

The requested the late Herminio Disini, a partner of the late tyrant Ferdinand Marcos, to pay the public authority P1 billion in mild harm and P1 million in praiseworthy harms for his job in the granting of the $2.2-billion Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) venture to Westinghouse Electric Corp.

The court expected Disini to take responsibility for applying unnecessary impact in the granting of the BNPP project by exploiting his nearby relationship with previous president Ferdinand Marcos. In view of this, Disini died in 2014.

Twelve of the officers casted a ballot consistently on the choice, with restraints from Chief Justice Alexander Gesmundo and Associate Justice Amy Lazaro-Javier. The SC representative Brian Keith Hosaka told correspondents in a Viber message that Gesmundo and Lazaro-Javier didn’t take part in the choice as they have lawyered for the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) when they were still with the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG).

Hosaka shared that they will deliver the full choice of the court once they get a duplicate. The PCGG recorded a protest before the Sandiganbayan in 1987 for compensation and harms against Disini, Marcos and his significant other Imelda Marcos, to which the counter unite court discovered Disini in 2012 at risk for getting commissions of about $50 million from Westinghouse Electric Corp.



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