The Unexpected: Manuel Pangilinan Step Down from Being the PLDT CEO

Investor Manuel V. Pangilinan has formally ventured down as president and CEO of telco goliath PLDT Inc. Before the finish of yearly investors’ gathering, Pangilinan, 74, will be supplanted by Al Panlilio, organization boss income official and president and CEO of remote unit Smart Communications Inc.

It was a place that Pangilinan held since 2016 after the retirement of Napoleon Nazareno in late 2015. In his last discourse as president and CEO, Pangilinan, who will stay as PLDT’s administrator, said leaving his post was not hard at all with Panlilio, 57, as his replacement.

Preceding his rebound to the PLDT Group in 2019, Panlilio filled in as senior VP for client retail benefits gathering of Manila Electric Co., the country’s biggest force merchant.

This choice is made less troublesome by the information that Al, with his long involvement in PLDT and his skilled characteristics, would have the option to have my spot forthwith, without interference or drawback to the advancement of PLDT.



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