The vaccination drive in most Asean countries will take ten years.

According to Bloomberg’s Covid-19 vaccine tracker, theand many Asean countries will need more than a decade to vaccinate the majority of their populations.

The data, which was based on vaccine information from the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center, revealed that the Philippines has the third highest vaccination rate in the Asean region, at 25,527 doses per day.

Within 7.5 years, Asean countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia will be able to vaccinate 75% of their population.

Singapore’s data showed that if it vaccinates 75 percent of its population every day at a rate of 30,185 doses per day, it would be able to do so in just eight months.

Indonesia comes next, with the majority of its inhabitants covered in 3.1 years. The country’s average vaccination rate is 342,132 doses per day, which is the highest in Asean.



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